June 14, 2017

Intimate Country Wedding, Tulsa, OK: Billy & Tiffany

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A couple weeks ago I had the privilege of photographing my cousin Tiffany’s wedding in Tulsa, OK. Over the course of the last year, Billy & Tiffany spent countless hours planning their intimate country wedding. The day was filled with little details that perfectly reflected their personalities and story from the mudding themed cake to the minion popcorn favors.

 In the days leading up the wedding, my uncle had kept a close eye on the weather. All week, there had been a slight chance of rain and all we could do was cross our fingers that it would hold out till the outdoor reception was over. The day of the wedding arrived and the skies were overcast, but to everyone’s surprise there was 0% chance of precipitation. The ceremony and cake reception took place at their local church, followed by dinner and lawn games out at my aunt and uncle’s newly built house.

Once the festivities at the church were finished, Billy, Tiffany and I headed to my aunt and uncle’s property and snuck away to take some portraits. The pond behind the house served as the perfect backdrop. Before dinner was served, guests conversed under the tents and played yard games.

Everything was going great until right before the first dances when a torrential downpour started out of nowhere sending guests running back to the house for cover. Luckily, we were able to get everything under the tents and out of the rain and moved the dances to the front porch. Billy and Tiffany could not have handled the unexpected downpour with more grace. I think that the photos on the porch were some of the sweetest of the whole day.  While the day may not have ended the way that they hoped, Tiffany and Billy’s intimate country wedding was still wonderful and they will have quite the story to tell their kids and grandkids one day.

Congratulations Billy & Tiffany!


closeup of rings resting on the bride's veil

mother of the bride buttons up the back of the bride's short sleeve lace gown

brides walks through the grass for a first look with her dad before the ceremony

father of the bride lifts the bride's hair as he puts a necklace on her

father of the bride smiles at the bride while he puts a necklace on her

the mother of the bride shares a quiet moment with the bride in the grass before portraits are taken

bride wearing a short sleeve lace dress and matching veil holds her blue, pink and white bouquet at her side and looks down at it

close up of the bride and bridesmaids holding their blue, pink and white bouquets

bride and bridesmaids walk arm and arm through the grass

bride wears short sleeve lace gown and stands with her bridesmaids who are wearing long royal blue dresses

bride kneels down in the grass and smiles while her flower girl kisses her on the cheek

groom wearing pink shirt and royal blue vest smile with his hands tucked in his front pockets


groom stands in the middle of his two groomsmen with their hands folded in front of them

bride and groom pose in the grass with their wedding party dressed in royal blue and pink

a ceremony backdrop made from a collection of vintage doors that are painted white, blue and brown

bride and her father stand at the front of the aisle before he gives her away

bride and groom kiss during their church ceremony


four tiered blue and white wedding cake with a patch of chocolate frosting and toy truck that looks like it is driving through mud on the side


the bride and groom smile with the guests who won the bouquet and garter toss

guests laugh as the blow bubbles while the bride and groom exit

bride and groom exit the church while guests blow bubbles at them

the bride lifts her dress to reveal her sparkley royal blue flats next to her husband's royal blue and pink sneakers

bride and groom embrace and kiss

groom wraps his arms around his bride's waist and kisses her forehead in a field

bride and groom stand side by side holding hands and smiling in a field

bride smile and looks in her groom's eyes while they embrace in a field

bride wraps her arm around the groom's back and rests her head on his shoulder while they look off in the distance


Guests play ladder golf on the lawn white tents with tables are positioned in an L-shape around the dance floor on the lawn

groom wearing a royal blue vest and pink shirt sits at a table and smiles at the ring bearer during the reception

Intimate Country Wedding

bride smiles and rests her head on her father's chest during their daddy daughter dance while the groom puts his arm around the mother of the bride as they watch

groom looks affectionately at his bride during their first dance while guests watch

bride smiles and gently grasps her white reception dress on the front porch

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