March 27, 2017

Glitter & Glam Spotlight: Still In Style Consignment Shop

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Glitter & Glam Night is this week and I could not be more excited, so this week I wanted to spotlight post on Sara Brandenburg, one of the ladies who has been monumental in making Glitter & Glam happen. She is the owner of Still In Style Consignment Shop in downtown Laramie. Sara will be providing the clothing that will be used during the styling tutorial at Glitter & Glam, where we will be discussing how to put together the perfect outfit for senior photos. I am so excited to see what she brings!

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of snapping a few photos of Sara at her store and got to learn more about her and Still In Style, and I wanted to share what I learned with you!

Tell me a little bit more about yourself.

I am from Colorado originally , born and raised! I am 22 years old and I love being outside hunting and fishing (those are my weaknesses!). However, my favorite thing is my family, they’re are so important to me.

What Inspired you to open Still In Style?

I was inspired to open the store because Laramie is so limited on shopping. My dad owns a pawnshop, so my inspiration was based on the same concept as his store, only for clothes not loans.


How does Still In Style Work?

If you are sorting through your closet or simply looking for a little extra cash, you can come in with anything that that either doesn’t fit or isn’t your style anymore. We will check you and assess each item based on quality (holes and stains) and our iventory levels and demand. From there, we ill come up with a cash quote and they can either accept it and take the cash right away, trade with us, or refuse the offer and take their belongings back.  We also work with the Laramie Foster center and will donate anything that people do not want to help them locally.

What is your favorite part about the store?

My favorite part about the store is helping people whether it is financially, boosting their confidence, giving them a new wardrobe, or helping them get out of their comfort zone. It’s such a rewarding job! I especially love it, when I get to see someone blossom.

What is your favorite item right now?

My favorite item in the store right now is a pair of corral cowboy boots. They are haunting my dreams, they’re so beautiful!

Do you have any dreams for Still In Style in the future?

I do have dreams for Still In Style. I would love to grow into a bigger store and expand! I feel like we are doing something wonderful in a “smaller town”. I love knowing people by name, their styles and helping their lives. We believe an outfit can shift anything from landing a job offer that launches a career, a date night that leads to marriage, or a confidence boost after weight loss/gain. An outfit has an impact!






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