January 12, 2018

Day After Session: Vail Village – Emily & Dante

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Early in the morning on the day after their gorgeous wedding, I met Emily & Dante on the empty streets of Vail Village. To say that it was a cold morning would be an understatement and little did we know, Emily was battling a brutal case of Strep Throat. In spite of all of this, they decided to continue with the session and ended up with some beautiful images.

Growing up in Colorado, I have driven through Vail countless times and am very familiar with it’s beauty. Despite my frequent trips, I have never had the opportunity to explore the area very much. So, I was pretty excited when Emily & Dante decided to have their wedding and Day After Session in Vail. Let me tell you, Vail Village did not disappoint!

As I walked down the empty streets to meet them, it felt like I has stepped into the streets of sleepy mountain town in Europe.  We started taking photos amongst the shops and brick paved streets before heading down to the river. That’s where the magic happened! The snow-covered trees and wooden bridge created the perfect setting for this winter session and we could not have asked for better light.

Although this blog post is a little late, I wanted to share some of my favorite images from this sweet Day After Session with you. If you want to see more of Emily & Dante’s wedding, be sure to click the link above!


Man stands behind wife and wraps her in his arms and kisses her cheeks in Vail Village

Couple stand side by side and smile at each other on a brick street in Vail Village

A couple hold each other and smile in front of a snow covered fence and pine trees

husband and wife hold each other and look at a river on a snowy day in the mountains

wife embraces husband and wraps her arms around his neck in front of a wooden bridge in the forrest


Couple wrap their arms around each other in the snowy forrest at Vail Ski Resort

couple hold hands and walk across a snow covered wooden bridge at Vail Ski Resort

couple hold each other and smile on a wooden bridge on a snowy day

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